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About Laumes International Resort

Laumes International Resort is destined to become a unique, world-class experiential leisure and entertainment destination – that will attract local, regional and international tourists and business visitors throughout the year – complementing a self-sustaining resident, commercial and academic community that will continually grow in harmony with the resort over time.
The 700-hectare plastic-free estate will comprise a diverse mix of uses and experiences collectively contributing towards an access-for-all development philosophy (social, economic, ability and learning) whilst establishing an exclusive lifestyle brand of work, rest and play environments.

The natural characteristics of the site provide the perfect canvas upon which to develop such a resort – combining lush tropical mountain hillsides to the north-east and sweeping terraces that run south-westwards – providing evocative landscape, intermittent waterscape, varied topography and a conducive orientation and micro-climate for achieving a sustainable mixed-use development.

This multi-phased development master plan is a visionary response to the location, its natural characteristics, public sector investment and support, gap analysis of market trends and the anticipated range of visitor experiences – that will not only satisfy current demands but transform the Cambodian multi-sector leisure market by acting as both dynamic catalyst in its own right and economic generator for the surrounding region.

Our Vision

Laumés International Resort is set to become a leading regional tourist destination as
well as a playground for the region’s growing population of high net worth individuals;
expressions of interest have already been received from an international theme park and various
hotel operators.

Resort Location

Located within 80km of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, the 700 hectare site is
strategically positioned between Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville international airports,
as well as the under-construction Koh Kong airport. With the construction of both a
helipad and runway, flight time between all 4 locations will be under 30 minutes and
drive time is approximately 1.5 hours from each airport.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of the philanthropic philosophy of the developer, 2% of all revenue will be
donated to charities across the Kingdom for the further improvement of the country’s
welfare, economic development and quality of life.
Free accommodation will be provided for more than 3,000 staff which will house all
employees within the overall project upon completion. This will also assist in creating
critical mass for the success of the project and its components. Additionally, the
developer will undertake extensive upgrading works for the local village school and

Carbon Negative Footprint

It is envisaged that the project will be a pioneering green, sustainable development in
Cambodia incorporating features such as state of the art renewable energy sources,
rain water harvesting systems and ambient climate and humidity control through
selective vegetation distribution.
Up to 65 MW of power will be generated on site, mainly through solar farms supported
by other renewable energy sources including biomass and electricity storage batteries.
Any surplus electricity will be sold back into the grid/stored for future consumption
within the development, with the aim of being a ‘carbon negative’ project.

Resort Features

Soccer Academy

One of the worlds greatest teams has made Laumes International Resort their home. More information to come.

Tennis acadamy

Some of the finest courts and facilities in Cambodia are available at Laumes International resort.

18 Hole Golf Course

Laumes International resort has one of the finest courses you are likely to walk around and truly world-class facilities.

Equine Facilities

The finest, most modern facilities are available for equine sports and training at Laumes.


Designed and managed by true superstars in the world of motorsports this track will host events for karts,  bikes and cars.

Motor Museum

Laumes International resort will house a motor museum and automotive theme park. More details to follow.

On-site Campus

We plan to include a University Campus in the resort plans, this would complete the lifestyle requirements for many families.

Luxury Living

Of course, no resort of this standard would be complete without offering homes to match the residents high expectations. Expect the very best.

Beauty Spa

Being pampered remains a luxury we all love so a natural inclusion to a luxury resort is a luxury spa.We look forward to making your life a little better.

Water Park

There is nothing better on a hot day than to let loose and enjoy one of the countries best waterparks.

Theme Park

Relaxing and thrilling at the same time, this theme park will offer the whole family the ultimate day out.


Laumes group will also dedicate a sizable area to planting Mangos, Cashews and African Mahogany. More information to come.


Getting in and out of the resort with the minimum of fuss is important, that’s why we provide helipad services.


If travelling by seaplane is your preferred method of transportation, our seaplane base is fully available to you.


This video was produced to highlight a few of the features we plan to bring to the Laumes International Resort in Cambodia. If you would like more information on the project and the opportunities it brings, please feel free to contact us as in the details below. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your quiries.